Hola and thank you for taking the time to check out my website. My name is Carmen Saldaña. I'm a 23 year old Afro-Latina.  My nationality is black and Dominican. I'm currently grad student, working towards my PhD. Most people I encounter would describe my personality as shy & reserved at first, but once comfortable I'm extremely outgoing, sociable & enthusiastic. I would describe myself as elegant and graceful; intellectual and unique; fun and titillating. As well as versatile, meaning I'm able to adapt to many environments. Whether it's black tie, dinner meeting, business excursions or anything mediocre.

But enough about me.  .  . what are YOU looking for ?

Being a travel cicerone and model isn't just about being a pretty face. It's about creating an electrifying aura of joy, thrill & much more! As your companion, I always want you to feel like every encounter we spend with another is like a breath of fresh air. As an intellect, I will not only satisfy you physically with our many rendezvous but mentally as well and ensure our time spent will be nothing short of grand! I will provide you the essence of the perfect girlfriend, minus the traditional entanglements relationship undergo. You will feel my sincerity & loving persona undoubtedly and our time together would give you the respite you deserve!

Looking forward to creating memories with you ;)

- Carmen Saldaña


1.  Why do you hide your face?

I love being a courtesan! However, I am also a career oriented woman and like to keep my lives separate.I am indeed 100% the girl in the photo and if you interact with me via twitter, you can confirm I am :)

2. Why don't you have many reviews?

Though I encourage all gentlemen to write me a review, I respectfully ask that they inform me prior to submitting one. What happens between two consenting adults is exactly that, between two consenting adults. Most of the gentlemen I encounter are very upscale and private, therefore they choose not to participate in review boards and I have no choice but to respect that! Don't be one to rely solely on reviews. Everyone's experience is different needless to say but anyone who I've spent time with parted me on cloud 9 and came back wanting more ! ;)

3. What is the difference between Premium Economy & First Class rates?

If you're a frequent flyer, then you are aware that when you fly first class, you have access to more perks and I mean, who doesn't love FIRST CLASS?! ;) I hope that answers your question

4. Do you offer duo's or services to couples?

I absolutely love everything about the female anatomy! So I'm more than happy to entertain couples. I am also open to you bringing along another comrade of your choice to our date or a sexy friend in mind whom I think we would both enjoy :) 

5. Why do I have to send my information and references to verify? 

My safety is just as important as your privacy. Being that we're both business professionals, any information shared between us is strictly confidential. I would like us to be trusting and comfortable with one another. No verification = No date!

6.  Can I text you for a faster response?

Yes. Although my assistant responds via email pretty fast, you can text me but the first text has to be your full name and proof of  verification or I will NOT respond